Professor Pradeep Lall, who received one of Auburn’s two 2013 Creative Research and Scholarship Awards in September, enjoys solving engineering problems. Not just any problems—tough ones that will make a contribution to society or improve the quality of human life. And he especially enjoys working with his students on the solutions.

Lall’s research focuses on finding methods for making electronic systems more reliable, safer, energy efficient and more survivable in the harshest of environments. He is working on:

  • Making portable electronics more survivable during accidental drops so that smartphones, laptops or tablets can continue to function;
  • Testing and improving LEDs, a new, more energy efficient form of lighting, so they can last a long time and maintain color consistency in extreme environments;
  • Enhancing unmanned electronic systems to survive thousands of g-forces of acceleration so they can continue to function when they are launched into space and land on distant planets; and
  • Formulating leading indicators or bell-weathers to improve electronic systems related to safety, such as electronic warning systems incorporated into automobiles.

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